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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Confessions of a dreary mind

...and slightly sleepy at the moment, but what the hell...

Talking with my pet - well, texting, actually - she gave me the idea of confessions. I love lists. So what better than:

More Things You Don't Know About Me (probably)

~I have a dark brown birthmark on the back of my left shin. It's the size of a 2p coin.

~I used to have really straight, shiny, thick, black, oriental hair as a kid.
Now, it's naturally curly, frizzy, thin and brown.

A Japanese baby, by coalbiter in deviantart

~I have been in serious fistfights with nine people.
Three were members of my family.
Four had hurt people I loved.
Two were complete strangers.

I have been in mock fistsfights with anything from sixty to a hundred people.
All of these were during or between kung-fu classes.

kaiji, by theyoungdoyler in deviantart

~I don't feel pain like normal people.
I broke my toe during practice, carried on for six hours. Doctor found it by accident two years later.
I broke my collarbone a year ago. When the two parts ground against each other and dislodged, I just grunted and thought "Shit"

~I cry reading about impossible love stories, doomed or damned people, animals or humans suffering in human hands. Last time was a week ago, during a documentary on the slaying of dolphins.

~The sound of a faucet dripping, a clock ticking, a heartbeat against my ear or any sound that's rhythmic and unchanging, can drive me screaming insane. I don't think there's anything that can make me beg for death more easily (note this if you plan to torture me in the future).

~I've not murdered. I've not committed adultery. I've not stolen.
I have laughed - loudly and mockingly - in the face of every other commandment.

~I usually cannot keep an interest in something for more than a couple of months or in someone for more than a couple of weeks.

~When I get sick or otherwise bed-ridden, I cut off all contact with friends and family, turn off my laptop, turn off my CD-player. I read books and dream dark, gothic dreams, get wild inspirations, then start thinking about self-mutilation and that's when I know it's time for me to go out again or ask a friend for company.

BG Moon-Gothic Landscape, by Ivette-Stock in deviantart

~Last time I peed my pants was when I was in first grade in Elementary school, because the school toilets were dirty and ghastly and I didn't want to go there.

~Ten years ago, I cursed a healthy person - three months later, they died.

~My deepest fear is that nothing will affect me deeply ever.
My second deepest fear is that everything will affect me deeply always.

And, on that philosophical note, I'm off to read some yaoi on mangafox, eat five tangerines I've just peeled *crushes peel between fingers, sniffing ecstatically* smoke a cigarette or two and go to bed...
Nighty-night, babes.