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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue, green and elven

That is sort of how my mood is these past few weeks or so, despite the fact I caught a cold that was making me cough my lungs out (almost - still breathing, so there must be some left).

My elven mood is the antithesis of my gothic mood. Instead of wearing blacks and lusting after knives, I find myself listening and dancing to reels, waking up with a jump every morning, setting about every task with a smile, looking at the people around me with affection.

And I find myself missing the green. I miss trees. A good, quiet forest, a little trickling stream hidden somewhere in the undergrowth, the sound of wind in the leaves. Recharging.

image from planteco

Soon. Soon soon really soon spring is coming. And then, I'm off! Hurray!

*sings happily and loudly and dissolves into a coughing fit*


(yeah, this elf swears - a lot)

Oh, oh, here's a pic of what my ideal house is like, too!

image from treehugger

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wonderful mood (I should adopt it too!),wonderful pics,wonderful dreams...

have an elven month ;)