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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yoshitaka Amano - a God

Actually, this is a post I had wanted to write for a long time, but I guess never got round to it...

My first experience of Yoshitaka Amano's work was through my all-time favourite comic, The Sandman. Amano-sensei had collaborated with Neil Gaiman and the result was a beautiful story with stunning artwork, "The Dreamhunters". And that was it - love at first sight.

His art always seems to me at once very simple - few doodling lines making up faces - and very elaborate - the attention to the details on ornaments, fruit, flowers is amazing. A friend once commented Amano-sensei's work reminded her of Klimt for its vicious colours - I can see what she meant. For me, it's simply a brilliant "marriage" of both Western and Eastern art.

After all the philosophising, let the pictures speak for themselves...

The Dreamer

Vampire Hunter D

Elric the Vanishing Tower

Flowers and Snakes

Aloft fruit of Paradise

Beast one that reveres Darkness

And the man himself

image from photobucket

Many thanks to elevenland.com for the images.

And, fuck. I only got the first volume of Hero and the second has been out of print for ages... *mutters curses*

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κούνελος said...

did i tell you that i plan to get a tattoo based on an amano's drawing? he is unbelievable artist!