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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cigarette ban and the story of cool...

---Note: Ban on smoking in public places effective in my country as of today---

So, today they called us at work.
- "No smoking at all, not even in the kitchen" (which was our foggy den so far)
- "So... We'll just go outside for a smoke?"
- "No, if you do, the office will look like a high-school, smokers hanging outside"
- "So... What will we do?"
- "Not smoke"
- "....."

...Right... Today all of us displayed marvelous altruistic sides:
- "Uhh... I'm just going to the corner store, for some...water, yes, water, anyone need anything?"
- "Oh, hold on, I'll help you carry the...bottles"
- "Right. Thanks. 'Cause they're heavy...yeah"
If the bottles were nowhere on sight when they returned, noone said anything. They had obviously already drank it all and the smell of smoke - well, you know how pollution is these days...

Ah, my first cigarette! Let me get all teary-eyed with nostalgia... I remember it as if it were yesterday (it was a year ago), when inspired by this sexy fellow from the Finder manga series,

Asami Ryuuichi, by Ayano Yamane

I got up, got dressed, went to the corner store - at 01:30 - got a pack and then smoked my very first cig. I immediately loved the smell, the bitter taste, the slight high, everything about it really...
What brand did I pick? That was easy. I wanted to be a cowboy when I was younger, and so, watching cigarette ads on the telly (yes, I'm that old, dammit), I knew already it would always be Marlboro Reds...

Marlboro Man, by mediazoosx

Wanna find out what's the brand for you? Check this out.

Being the controlling, seme freak that I am, I have not (so far) allowed myself more than 2 cigarettes/day. But that's not the point. I love it. I've made my pet a second-hand smoke addict. I think cigarettes are cool (political correctness has nothing to do with this blog).
Yeah, they're COOL. Can you imagine any of these fellows sucking on mints or chewing straws instead of chomping on cigars and cigarettes?

Wolverine, in photobucket

John Constantine, in photobucket

Hellboy, in photobucket

Jesse Custer (aka Preacher), in photobucket

Nope. Exactly.
And what about age-old traditions of flirting, like
-"Got a light, babes?"



Seishirou (smoker) and Subaru, X-1999


Anyway, a friend has recently quit smoking, another one is seeking help to do the same, yet another one is thinking about it. You know I love you all, you guys, and I'll be rooting for you. From outside. In the drizzle. Huddled together with Wolverine, Seishirou, Asami and co, coughing and hacking out phlegm...



efou said...

oh yeah...it's cool if you smoke 2 cigarettes/day...but if you smoke 40/day it's not cool any more, just dangerous...

κούνελος said...

lol! "i'll help you carry the bottles"!!!

Monou Fuuma said...

@efou I know. All joking aside, one should quit ANYTHING that becomes an addiction. I'm SO proud of you for doing so, honey...

@κούνελος You should have been there today: the boss was doing rounds around the building to gather any strays who were smoking within shouting distance...

efou said...

thanx girl! hope I'll keep it and also hope you stay at 2 cigarettes/day!

your boss has really taken it very seriously, lol! I bet he doesn't smoke or he has quit recently :-P