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Monday, July 20, 2009

If you meet me, have some courtesy...

(I totally keep the right of using "Sympathy for the Devil" in more than one posts)

Yesterday was, in its most part, a horrible, painful, annoying day.

I woke up at 11:00, having slept for four hours, when a "friend" called my cell to ask me out for coffee and so hand me my invite for her wedding. We arranged to meet at 13:00. Slept a half-hour more, made coffee, went in for a shower. She was ringing my doorbell at 12:05, then called 25 times - no joke - on my cell and 10 more on my home line in the space of five minutes.
I rinsed off, called her back. In between, she had gone back to the place she was staying - a ten-minute-walk from mine. She decided 13:00 was now too early. But she was hungry. Maybe some lunch together?
I'm an accommodating fellow. Sure, I said, would 14:00 be okay?
Or maybe for coffee later? was the musing answer. Just get yourself dressed, stay at home and wait and, when I'm ready, I'll ring and come pick you up...

...People... Am I just being weird? Is it just that I'm a fucking controlling bastard? 'Cause at that line, I saw red. No, no, I saw red. My claws came out. My lips pulled back from my teeth. My bristles stood up at my nape.

image in www.firstpeople.us

I did mention I am a control freak, right? I very calmly - while clawing through my walls - told her that I had plans for the evening. Which I had. I belong to a committee and we had arranged to meet - more of that in another post, probably.

-"Really? You actually have other plans?" was the answer. Just imagine the voice showing the deepest amount of honest surprise.

...Right... Gimme a minute here... Breathe in... Breathe out... And in... And out...

-"Yeah, I do, so..."
-"Then let's meet in the evening."
-"I have to go to the commitee meeting..."
-"Oh, yeah, right..."
-"Shall we meet for lunch, then?"
-"Will you be able to make it around 14:00?"
-"Yeah, okay, I suppose I'll have to, won't I."

We met. She ordered a salad, then called the waiter to explain in length why that salad was just not right for her - it was too sweet, not salty, if she wanted sweet she would have gone to a pastry shop, apparently - then ate it all, moaning how very wrong it was at every bite. And regaled me to an account of her wedding preparations - in detail.

Did I mention that I had a raging migraine since I had woken up and during this whole time?

There are few things - if any - more important to me than being polite. I may be a Dark Overlord and all, I may lust after your souls, but I will fucking say please and thank you while comsuming them. And pet you and smile and serve and listen to what you have to say before that.

I'll be in this world for a short period of time. The only way to make it bearable for myself and for others is kindness, politeness, tolerance. Even if it's just an act. Even if in reality my head is splitting open from pain, or even if I want to scream, or curse, or bust my fists through the walls in anger... *

That habit of hers of embarrassing waiters, cleaners or any whose job is to serve, by the way, is like a trademark. She does it all the time. She thinks "It's my money, so you're my bitch". I put quotes on the word friend at the top, because I can consider noone who does this a true friend. For me, the less you know someone, the more sensitive to their feelings you should be.

I listened to everything she said with interest. I smiled and laughed. I hugged her goodbye and kissed her cheek and wished her the best.
A fucking hypocrite is right. And also feeling bitter and all gothic right now. I'm stopping with the philosophy, before I start writing fucking poetry, 'kay?

* not applicable if you hurt my friends - then I'll end you...


κούνελος said...

oh, i understand you.. i am a control freak too and it's really pisses me off when someone messes up me program (noooot)!
(your friend is such a bitch though)

ZlatkoGR said...

Μα τι καλή που είναι αυτή η φίλη! Τι καλή! Την αγαπώ!

Monou Fuuma said...

@κούνελος Ah, you impulsive wabbit you.

@ZlatkoGR Isn't she?! I totally will continue hanging out with her from now on...

kihli said...

*τις σιχαίνομαι αυτές,γνωρίζω μία και την αποφεύγω όσο μπορώ...

(((monou fuuma!!!)))

mafaldaQ said...

Θυμάμαι εκείνο το απόγευμα, που έγινε το σκηνικό! Καημένο παιδί... 1,5 lonarid και τίποτα...

Monou Fuuma said...

@kihli *hugs back*

@mafaldaq And then I was high, heheh!