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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sympathy for the Devil

----Note: I’ll refer to Lucifer as “him” to avoid confusion, though angels are sexless----

----Note to friends: a lot of things written below don’t apply to you, but to the rest of humanity, okay? Okay? Don’t be mad??----

Puss-in-boots, from Shrek

Okay, here goes: reasons I totally dig Lucifer.

Lucifer, by arktiari at deviantart

Both me and him, we got daddy issues. Nothing that can’t be solved by a .44 to dad’s head in my case. In Luce’s, it’s a bit more difficult, poor sod…

Bullet pic from Wikipedia, God pic from rediff.com

We are firstborn and were expected to be a shiny beacon of propriety and the heirs of tradition. You know how that one worked out for Luce. It’s exactly the same for me.

We got brothers we simply adore, ones that are the beloved of our parents. (Mika and my own brother, take a bow!)

Protector, by feimo at deviantart

4-We are both rebels. Rules and restrictions are there to be smashed under our booted heels, pissed upon and left behind in a steaming heap.

-We are proud, arrogant, willful, self-reliant pricks.

We are quite devious. Good actors. Accomplished liars.

Good in listening, recognizing hearts, figuring out weaknesses and exploiting them for our own purposes.

-Sadistic, cold, cruel when it pleases us. Appearances may be deceptive. A lot.

So, that’s why at this test I got 95% match with Satanism and at this one I turned out, yes, you guessed it, Satan.

Look, speaking as the Dark Overlord that I am, I got no interest in your souls. I can use them for nothing, so you can keep 'em if you want ‘em. I got no interest in human blood or animal blood either, eeeeewwww, people, I’m a vegetarian for fuck’s sake. And I don’t care if you have sex amongst yourselves or not, go ahead if you feel like it. You won’t gain anything from me, but if you want me to watch…can I bring popcorn?

I am a highly accommodating being. Just do as you please. I’ll accept it or kill you for it. And I’ll do so according to my whim. Isn’t that a lot more honest and simple than making up all those rules and commandments?

*Sympathy for the Devil is a fave song from Rolling Stones, watch it here if you wanna*


mafaldaQ said...

Εεεε όχι εγώ τώρα παρεξηγήθηκα! Γιατί εντάξει μπορεί αν μην ισχύουν για τους φίλους αλλά που να το ξέρω εγώ; Εεεε; Θέλω να το ακούσω άλλες 732 φορές :P

Monou Fuuma said...

732: Not applicable to friends
731: Not applicable to friends
730: Not applicable to friends
729: Not applicable to friends...
*pant pant*