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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 people I'd like to meet - a bunny challenge

A friend and blogger issued a request through this post of his (warning: it's not in English) asking us to write a post on the people we'd like to meet. Dead people are not exempt.
So, writing them down in the order the names popped in my head...

1) JRR Tolkien
If I had to rescue one book from my burning apartment, it'd be The Lord of the Rings... It helped me through a rough patch in my life, when my very sanity was in question.
Strangely enough, my favourite is The Silmarillion, as I feel it's more grown up.

I'd just want to hang out with professor Tolkien, share a smoke and listen to any story from his life or his mind...

2) Jimmy Page
The Guitar God. I worship the polished shoes off his feet. My electric guitar is called Jimmy after him. If I learn every Led Zeppelin song, I'll die a content Overlord...

I love the fact that, although he's a poseur of poseurs, he's so in a really nonchalant way, like "This is who I am, I don't have to throw a fucking orgasmic fit on stage to capture the audience - I am the fucking man"
Watch a solo, of "White Summer, Black Mountain side" here - he's 26 years old...

3) Howlin' Wolf
Blues! Bluuuueeeeesss!! I fucking love blues, I fucking adore this guy! That his Rocking Chair album inspired Led Zep is only a small part of his appeal. What a voice! Like gravel rubbing on your skin.

Respect, man!
Watch him playing and talking about blues here.

4) David Mack
The creator of Kabuki, one of my favourite comics. He changes style with each issue, from black-and-white to abstract colour to origami to collage - and he's flawless in every single one!

David Mack pic here, Kabuki pic here

I'd talk comic creation and martial arts with him...then steal rare Kabuki art from his house...

5) Neil Gaiman
Now this one is the writer of my most favourite comic - The Sandman. If you've not read it yet, I'll find you and spank you. Really. He's absolutely brilliant. He writes books and poems, children stories and scripts and, of course, comics.

Neil Gaiman pic here

His head must be bursting with words. I'd love to see that, and maybe hang out at his house, pet his cats and talk humanity and dreams.

6) Dave Brock
The founder, guitarist and vocalist of Hawkwind. Let me... *puffs on a huge spliff*...wow...what?.. Oh, yeah, Hawkwind... Heheh, cool, man... *punches face to compose self* According to all reports, the amount of drugs comsumed by Hawkwind back in the '60s-'70s was epic. Their music is mind-blowing and mind-fucking prog rock.

Questions I'd pose: how the fuck did you survive? Just how big were Stacia's boobs? How's things back in the homeplanet?.. Then we'd play guitar and lie on the grass... Far out...
Watch "Silver Machine" here.

7) Manic Street Preachers
Yeah, yeah, 'cause I have deep thoughts about where this world is going, too, dontcha know? Seriously, though, I dig their dedication to their beliefs and their tendency to blithely kick the nuts of the political/religious/whatever arseholes of this world...(the anatomical possibility of this last phrase intrigues me)...

If I could meet only one of them, it'd be Nicky Wire - I just bet we'd find something to argue very loudly about in the very first minute.
Watch "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next" here.

8) Yun Kouga
The mangaka of Loveless, one of my favourite manga.

She made me cry, that bitch... *sniff*...*punches self again* She is really, really good, she really understands her characters psychology and flaws and plays around with their souls, their hearts, with words, dreams, trust, truth and everything else.
I'd slap her for one particular scene, then kiss her dainty feet.

9) Alexander the Great
Okay, okay, I know, wtf, right? But he's my childhood hero, people. I've always loved him and, in this case, I mean always - can't remember a time when I didn't. Must be my previous life as Hephaestion or something creeping up on me, hahaha!

I'd first stop him from getting totally smashed (put that fucking goblet down, idiot) and then talk about his dreams and thoughts on humans.

10)Robert Frost
I hate long, winding poems with big, pretentious words or deep meanings which you have to have a PhD in literature - or know the poet personally - to get. For me, poems are feelings and images jumping up from the written page. And this is why I like this guy so much. His poems are simple, sometimes childishly so, but they feel true. And I worship the melancholy in them.

My favourite lines from "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening":

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
but I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep

I heard him do a reading of that and got shivers at the sadness and tiredness of his voice.

So, that's my top ten people as things stand right now. For any developments, I'll notify at once... Promise...

Oh, and, some pics do not have links to the page I got them from - I had saved them in my computer loooooong ago and I've forgotten. Apologies!


efou said...

manga and rock'n'roll dominated list, not surprised!
haven't read Robert Frost, I will now!
as far as Alexander is concerned, what can I say, nobody is perfect :-P

ZlatkoGR said...

Α, σ' αρέσει ο Frost ε; Αυτό δεν το ήξερα. Την υπόλοιπη λίστα, λίγο ή πολύ...

Monou Fuuma said...

@efou Shall we call our band "The Yaoi Rockers"?.. Or...maybe not?... -_-|

@ZlatkoGR Ah, you know me too well...

κούνελος said...

all you! :-)