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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Body talk

---Note: inspired by a recent talk with friends, could also have been called "A love declaration to human body", but that's too long a title...---

My mom and dad never hid their bodies from us.

The bathroom door in our house never locked and was, indeed, often left ajar. It was very, very natural for all four of us to be in the bathroom at once - one taking a shower (without a curtain, mum had watched Psycho, so shower curtains were a no-no), one peeing or pooing or whatever and the other two just hanging out and talking.

My brother and I, we always shared a bedroom. We took showers together even until we were well in our teens.

So, the human body held no mysteries for us and we never associated anything shameful with nudity - it was something natural.

I was always an active person - did track and field in high school, then self-taught yoga, then kung-fu. I had no problem stripping before others in the changing rooms and could not comprehend their blushes and desperate attempts to hide themselves when they had to do so as well.

My body is not perfect in any way. When I was small, I was ever scarred and scabbed and had a tummy and round cheeks. I was thin to a scary point in my mid-teens (bad time all around, that). Chubby for a year in England. Toneless afterwards. Very toned and sinewy at kung-fu. Currently wiry. I loved it every way. All I ask of my body is to obey my commands. When it doesn't, it's simply time for training...

Human body is fascinating. There has never been a single person I've met that I've not loved at least one body characteristic of his/hers.
I love smelling skin, kissing it and feeling its texture. I love its warmth. In more intimate moments, its taste, its sensitivity.
I adore scars. They show what a body has gone through, testaments to its history. I love how they mar perfection and yet beautify at the same time. I love the difference in the way they feel against my lips or tongue.
Other things that appeal to me: a relaxed hand. A pair of sparkling eyes. A wicked smile. Fingers absently brushing hair away from a face. A clean smell - no heavy perfume, please (gah!!). Veins showing under the skin. Curled toes. Healing scabs. An arched neck. An arched back. Any childish gesture, like puffing cheeks, rubbing eyes with fists etc. A low, melodious voice. A purr. A confident walk. A proud toss of the head...

All in the eyes, by lucbecks in deviantart

Neck, by oldboy1985 in deviantart

Wow wow wow, humans are just so fucking beautiful! And to think that so many of them don't even realize it! I get it, really, I do in a way, but I don't get it, you know?..
Maybe I'm just too pagan for my own good or something, heh!


Anonymous said...

υπέροχο post...

casper85 said...

"testaments to its history...". respect!

mafaldaQ said...

:) το ξέρεις ότι συμφωνώ σε όλα! Όλοι οι άνθρωποι είναι όμορφοι!

Monou Fuuma said...

@kihli Thanks, love!

@casper85 Yep, yep, bow before me...

@mafaldaQ I know! Hurray!

efou said...

beautiful! :-)

Monou Fuuma said...

@efou Thank you, glad you liked it!!